Ultraspec Speculum & NEW Retractor

Ultraspec Speculum & NEW Retractor

The Old Challenge:

Medical professionals report increasing incidences of vaginal sidewall prolapse as obesity increases which restricts visibility and access to the cervix during procedures.

The Retractor Solution:

By simply fitting the vaginal sidewall Retractor into an Ultraspec® Speculum, the sidewalls are gently displaced laterally and a clear view of the cervix is created.

Revolutionising the Vaginal Speculum Market

We are proud to announce that we are now the UK's largest supplier of the Ultraspec Speculum and all new, Retractor system.

The Ultraspec Speculum is an innovation in itself and is the only speculum on the market which is unbreakable in ordinary use. If you aren't familiar with the Ultraspec you can see the full story here:

Comfortable, flexible, unbreakable

Increased visibility, increased patient comfort, reduced need for repeat procedures

The all new retractor system displaces the sidewall of the vagina laterally in the event of a prolapse to give a clear view of the cervix.

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