Fitbit Moving into the Healthcare Market?

Published: 22 April 2016

In a recent interview with Time magazine in the US, Fitbit’s founder, James Park, has been quoted as stating that there may be scope for “customer focused” businesses such as Fitbit or even Apple to move into the medical device industry. This would mean rather than tracking your daily activity levels, they may begin to produce devices which can check more of your body’s processes and even start to piece together minor diagnoses.

It should be noted that this is all currently hypothetical, but it is interesting to see how technology can advance the medical device industry and the impact that it would have on Primary Care in particular. Could it have the potential for more people to self-diagnose? Or would it create a generation of hypochondriacs – sure that this time something is really wrong because my wearable device told me so? Would they replace altogether the diagnostic machines we are used to today?

The article ends on a particularly succinct quote: “There’s [sic] no cool blood glucose meters”. Whether you could describe a blood glucose monitor as “cool” is certainly open to opinion, however we like to think the colourful AccuTrend Plus Kit comes somewhere close. At a list price of £209.68 they are certainly are in the same ball park as the likes of the Fitbit or the Apple Watch, and is ideal for a very simple monitoring system to keep diabetes & your cholesterol in check.