How can I prepare for my CQC inspection?

Published: 13 February 2017

Just the question many of us are asking in those 14 days before the inspectors arrive. Two weeks, yes that tends to be the time you get to prepare for it, but don’t you worry, we’re right by your side and we’ll support you all we can! All it takes is a positive mindset - don’t panic, research and learn.

After doing a lot of research here at Surgery Express we learnt some good points about CQC inspections and the main one being to keep a positive attitude. It’s not only a useful characteristic to keep but just what the inspectors want to see. They just want you to be proud of where you’re working and to believe in what you do. It’s said in their name Care Quality… they’re all about getting things just right for everyone. Take away the thoughts that they are coming to intimidatingly interrogate you, like some secret service nightmare. They’re just coming to see how good you are and to see how you can improve for the benefit of your patients. We’ re not saying they won’t ask you questions but we can’t emphasise enough, just be open and honest!

In every situation and in any case there are always challenges and issues to face, but as long as you have recognised they’re there, and you’re working towards fixing them, that’s all anyone can ask. Do your best to find solutions or alternatives to get around these problems where possible – even at Surgery Express, we stumble across challenges from time to time. We acknowledge them try to find the cause and then fix them.

So, to get the best results in your CQC inspection you need to just stick by the values that the CQC hold; Excellence, Integrity, to be Caring and Good Teamwork. There’s a lot of work involved and we know that, but don’t over complicate it for yourself. Be bold, be honest and be proud of your workplace.

If you want a chat with one of our reps at Surgery Express about the challenges you’re having with an impending CQC visit, just let us know here and we can arrange something for you. We’ll do our best to provide as much support as we can, because we want you to achieve the best results possible.

Good Luck from all of us at Surgery Express – we’re right here if you need us.