NHS Self Care Week – 14-20 November 2016 – What do you need to know?

Self Care Week

Published: 15 November 2016

This week the NHS, and the Primary Care sector, in particular, are encouraging self-care for life with "Self Care Week". The concept is that people should learn how to keep themselves fit and healthy, as well as when to seek medical help once self-treatment isn't effective.

The NHS said:

"This year's Self Care Week takes place from November 14-20. The event is run by the Self Care Forum and aims to help you become more knowledgeable about health and lifestyle options that will impact positively on your physical and mental wellbeing."

What does this mean for NHS patients?

If you are living with a long term illness the NHS would encourage you to seek advice on understanding your condition, and also the methods of managing that condition.

The NHS is also encouraging stopping smoking, eating more healthily and dealing with stress and anxiety which would help everyone to live longer healthier lives.

If you have a view, do join in the conversation on twitter with #SelfCareWeek.

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