Not Seen, Not Heard - CQC Report

Not Seen, Not Heard – The CQC encourages care providers to listen to children.

Not Seen, Not Heard is the latest publication from the Care Quality Commission (CQC ) which reviews the arrangements for child safeguarding and health care for children in care who, according to the report, may not be consistently provided for.

David Behan, Chief Executive of the CQC in his opening remarks states that “There is unwarranted variation across England in the quality of the arrangements in health services for child safeguarding and for looked after children.” The findings of the report strikingly show that children do not feel a part of the healthcare they receive. The CQC suggests that all children should be given a voice and that procedures should be built around their needs.

The key recommendations resulting from the report can be summarised as:

• Children and young people must have a voice
• The focus must be on outcomes
• More must be done to identify children at risk of harm
• Children and young people must have access to the emotional and mental health support they need

This section of the report closes on a poignant point from one of the participants: “I’m not a case; I’m not a piece of paper. I’m a human. I need you to see that if you’re going to help me.”

It is important to note that the report is a champion for how the care of children has improved over time and applauds individuals who offer care to children who “demonstrate passion and determination in their work to keep children safe”. It also recognises there is still work to be done and the recommendations are intended identify the gaps in the processes which may not always have the child’s views at its heart.

The full report can be viewed here.