Rise in type 2 diabetes "needs change in law"

Published: 26 October 2016

Original post by BBC News on Monday 24th October 2016

In a video for the BBC’s “Inside Out” program

Prof Anthony Barnett, from the University of Birmingham, has strongly suggested that there is a need for legislation when it comes to the food we are allowing ourselves and our children to eat.

Per the BBC: Prescriptions for type 2 diabetes have risen by a third in England in the last five years from 26 million to 35 million a year, according to NHS data. Prof Anthony Barnett…, said: "I'm all for legislation. I don't care whether we're talking about a nanny state."

A simple Google search suggests this is not a new topic:

Junk Food?

Between Jamie Oliver’s crusades over school lunches and the ever recurrence of news on obese people suing fast food chains (admittedly mostly from across the pond) the need for legislation in this area has long since been debated.

Perhaps now more credence will be given to this argument in Parliament now that hard facts are being produced to highlight the shocking cost of Diabetes to our already stretched health service.

According to Diabetes UK:

"The cost of diabetes to the NHS is over £1.5m an hour or 10% of the NHS budget for England and Wales. This equates to over £25,000 being spent on diabetes every minute."
Let that sink in for a minute... 60 seconds elapse and another £25,000 is spent on diabetes.

Of course it must be said that some cases of diabetes are not preventable, however, there comes a tipping point when questions must be asked around patients taking some responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, especially since the costs to the NHS are so high.

Perhaps there is a need for the Government to legislate where people are consistently making poor health choices.

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