Ultraspec Single Use Noots Ear Tank

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D1390 Ultraspec Single Use Noots Ear Tank x 25
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The Ultraspec single use noots ear tanks feature a new and improved design to facilitate the easier and cleaner treatment of cerumen. The product features an anti-splash tab which signifcantly reduces back wash during ear irrigation procedures for an improved patient experience.

  • Single use - Cost effective and reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection
  • Anti-splash tab - Ensures an improved patient experience
  • Stable - Features a solid base for improved stability when compared to pulp tanks
  • Green - Lighter than a pulp tank and 50% less bulky to store and transport
  • Leak-resistant - Smooth, coated medical card forms a clean seal against the patients skin
  • Space saving - Thin wall constuction takes up 50% less storage space


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