Heine HL5000 Minor Surgery Lights Mobile Castor Base Mounted

Heine HL5000 Minor Surgery Lights

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K661 Mobile Castor Base Mounted
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K660 Universal Desk/Trolley Mounted
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K659 Wall Mounted
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The HL5000 Minor Surgery Light encompasses the best features of the ever popular HL1200 examination lamp, with greatly improved performance and light output making it ideal for all examination and minor surgery applications

  • The conical lens cover incorporates a multi-coated UV, IR and heat reducing filter and focuses the illumination to an intense patch of brilliant white light

  • The 50 watt halogen bulb has a lifespan of approx 4000 hours and once depleted is very simple to change

  • To the rear of the lamp head are heat dissipating fins and a convenient hand-stem, allowing the user to direct the light quickly and accurately

  • The extra long flexible arm can be positioned in virtually any way, giving the most convenient working position

  • At the base of the arm is the low voltage transformer which is unobtrusive and incorporates the on/off switch and connection to 240v mains power supply

  • Finished in white ABS plastics and PVC, the HL5000 is easy to clean and very hard wearing

  • Light output 140,000 lux @ 30cm working distance

  • Working radius of 120cm

  • Heine 10 year guarantee

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