Labcold Portable Fridge

Labcold Portable Fridge

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P289 Labcold Portable Fridge
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Simple and versatile the Labcold Portable Medical refrigerator can both cool or heat and is designed for the transporting of samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals or anything that needs to be moved under temperature controlled conditions where a power source is available.

  • Temperature range: andndash;5 to +60anddeg;C

  • (in +30anddeg;Cam bient)

  • Temperature adjustment dial with

  • heat/cool indicators

  • Two speed cooling fan

  • Lightweight and easily carried using

  • strap supplied

  • Not suitable for the transport of blood

  • or blood products

  • External dimensions:

  • 290(H) x 415(W) x 285mm(D)

  • Capacity: 12 litres

  • Weight: 6.2kg

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