MicroLoop Spirometer MicroLoop Spirometer

MicroLoop Spirometer

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K934 with Gold Standard Turbine and Spirometer PC Software
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CareFusion MicroLoop Spirometer - the stylish and flexible MicroLoop Spirometer from CareFusion features:

  • A high-defi nition touch-screen colour display which can graphically represent either a Volume/Time curve or a complete Flow/Volume loop.

  • Screen can be confi gured to show an incentive display for use when undertaking spirometry with children.

  • Measure up to 41 spirometry parameters and has features a storage capacity for over 2,000 patients.

  • Its desktop docking station makes battery charging, connection to a PC for data upload and printing results very quick and simple.

  • Can be connected directly to a number of compatible printers via USB connection.

  • A desktop docking station is supplied and the MicroLoop can be purchased as a standalone unit or complete with CareFusion SPCS Features - Conforms
    to all spirometry standards (ERS - ATS (2005), BTS)

  • Easy load, high speed printer

  • Up to 45 parameters measurable (user selects only those required)

  • Automatic predicted values calculation and test interpretation

  • Reversibility testing with '% change' calculation

  • Rechargeable battery or mains power

  • Optional Pulse Oximetry module available

  • Supplied in a tough carry case

  • Specifi cations - 2000 patient memory

  • Dimensions: - 123 x 81 x 23mm

  • Unit Weight: 191g Docking Station 124g

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