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Flamazine Cream

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This is a pharmaceutical item and as such will only be sold to healthcare
professionals or those who are qualified to prescribe or supply such goods. The
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Flamazine cream is indicated for the prophylaxis and
treatment of infection in burn wounds. Flamazine cream may also be used as an
aid to the short-term treatment of infection in leg ulcers and pressure sores,
and as an aid to the prophylaxis of infection in skin graft donor sites and
extensive abrasions. Flamazine cream is also indicated for the conservative
management of fingertip injuries where pulp, nail loss and/or partial loss of
the distal phalanx has occurred.

Active Ingredient: Silver sulfadiazine
Other excipients: In addition to the active ingredient, silver
sulphadiazine, Flamazine contains: Polysorbate 60 Ph. Eur, Polysorbate 80 Ph.
Eur, Glycerol Monostearate Ph. Eur, Cetyl Alcohol Ph. Eur, Liquid Paraffin Ph.
Eur, Propylene Glycol Ph. Eur, Purified Water Ph. Eu
Full clinical
particulars including reactions/interactions and side effects can be found

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